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The Finals! 53rd IVC LiedDuo 2019

What a great final of the IVC LiedDuo 2019! What a great final of the IVC LiedDuo 2019! Congratulations to the duo Ema Nikolovska & Michael Sikich. Were they also your favourite? Please share!




Finalists are:
Ema Nikolovska & Michael Sikich
Esther Valentin & Anastasia Grishutina
Harriet Burns & Ian Tindale
Erika Baikoff & Gary Beecher

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2nd Semi-Final I 22 nov. 2019

Another great night at the Theater  aan de Parade on Friday. Dit you enjoy it? Please share your opinion below the video.


Sarah Kollé & Alexander Boeschoten
Ema Nikolovska & Michael Sikich
Raoul Steffani & Daan Boertien
Johanna Will & Nils Basters
Esther Valentin & Anastasia Grishutina
Fabian Langguth & Camille Lemonnier
Harriet Burns & Ian Tinale
Intermission and jury deliberations. 

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Did you enjoy the first semi finals?

Did you enjoy the first IVC semi finals on Thursday?
Please share your opinion below the video!

30 - Iida Antola & Anni Laukkanen
09 - Matthias Hoffmann & Lisa Ochsendorf
43 - Feride Büyükdenktas & Gisela Jöbstl
06 - Vincent Kusters & Charlie Bo Meijering
41 - Erika Baikoff & Gary Beecher
27 - Maximilian Vogler & Sebastian Issler
60 - Teaa An & Eunshil Oh

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5 questions for ‘Young Talent’ winner Stefan Astakhov

The young bariton Stefan Astakhov (Moskou, 1997) won the ‘Young talent’ award at the IVC competition in 2018. Are you just as curious as we are on how he experienced the competition in 2018 and what advice he has for the finalists this year and for you? Then read along!


3709544675?profile=RESIZE_710x1) What did winning the IVC young talent award mean to you?

Winning the IVC Young Talent Prize was a great honor for me, because it showed me that the hard work was worth it and that it was appreciated by the Jury, and I was very happy about it.          

2) What’s your best memory of the IVC 2018?

My best memory of the IVC 2018 is the whole competition! It was my first time in ´s-Hertogenbosch, I instantly fell in love with the city and it´s friendly and warm atmosphere. The whole experience of the competition was not stressful at all, which is unusual with other competitions. I felt like at home!

3) What are your plans or dreams for the next 5 years?

A: My plans and dreams for the next 5 years are of course to stay healthy and sing on the opera or concert stage as much as possible! 

4) What advice do you have for the (Young) IVC contestants this year?

Don’t over-think, and don’t over-rehearse! And if you have already done competitions — remember: a big competition, like the IVC, is exactly like a small competition, only it`s bigger :)

5) What advice do you have for all the current students who also want to win an IVC award in the future?

Don`t be afraid to show your feelings to the public. Interpretation is the key to a successful and interesting performance. If you achieve that — you will win all possible awards :-)

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6 questions for Josh Lovell, winner IVC 2018

The 53rd IVC is coming! Time to look back at the 2018 edition. You probably remember winner Josh Lovell. In 2018 Josh not only won the Grand-Prix, he also won the opera award. We can say this Canadian Tenor is on his way to make a more than promising career. Curious and excited as we are, we asked him about his IVC experience and what winning the IVC competition in 2018 brought him last year. He also shares his best advice for this year finalists and students. Enjoy!

3685727691?profile=RESIZE_710x1) What did winning the IVC Grand Prix & Opera award mean to you?

Winning both of the prizes meant a tremendous amount. I haven’t been able to participate in many competitions and being chosen as the winner of both prizes was very exciting. I’ll never forget the moment when my name was called and how I felt, and for that I will always be grateful.

2) What’s your best memory of the IVC 2018?

The best moment for me was when I was able to have a conversation with Dame Kiri Te Kanawa. The day following the competition included the both us of on live television (Paul Witteman red.); I performed one of my winning arias and she was interviewed. Before going on TV, I was invited to her room to talk with her and meet her adorable dogs. I’ve always thought that Dame Kiri’s voice was astoundingly sublime to listen to but being able to speak with her and receive her advice was very special.

3) What did winning the IVC awards bring you last year?

The IVC is a wonderful competition with great renown and winning it gave me recognition with the classical music community, opera houses, and orchestras all around the world. All of which is needed for securing contracts!

4) What are your plans or dreams for the next 5 years?

I am currently in Vienna where I just finished performing my first role of Lysander (A Midsummer Night’s Dream) at the Wiener Staatsoper and am now preparing my next role. I plan on being here for a few years in order to learn, perform, and perfect my craft. My dream is that after completing my time in the ensemble at the Staatsoper, I will be able to perform all around the world.

5) What advice do you have for the IVC contestants this year?

The best advice I received for competitions is to go into them with confidence, hope for the best, and sing with the goal of touching your audience. I encourage all of the competitors this year to enjoy the competition, meet and get to know their fellow contests, and have fun! 

6) What advice do you have for all the current students or singers who also want to  get the best out of their careers? 

My advice would be to find music that speaks to you and allows you to excel and sing your best. Olympic runners don’t put all of their energy into each type of race but instead focus on particular heats. Whether it’s long distance or sprinting each runner has their own specialty and I think that artists too must each find their own specialization. Play around with singing, explore with different composers, languages, and styles and find out what kind of artist you want to be!

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