About us

About us

Welcome to the  International Vocal Community !

The IVC has a 65-year tradition of connecting everybody in the vocal community through our competition and our courses. We reach professional singers, students, amateurs, fans, and decision makers in the industry. Connecting you to other vocal community members will be continually possible now that we have this online forum! 

You can share stories, experiences, pictures and concert dates with your peers, exchange advice, be in touch with music lovers and enjoy our new annotated masterclass service. 

The pillars under this community are passion, inspiration and honesty. You can discuss anything here but please be respectful to the other users.

Do you have any questions? Please, let us know: 


Phone: (073) 69 00 999
Emailadress: info@ivc.nu


Prins Bernhardstraat 8
5211 HE ’s-Hertogenbosch


Stichting ’s-Hertogenbosch Muziekstad
Postbus 1225
5200 BG ’s-Hertogenbosch